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“Doing more with SQL” talk at MAC URISA

Last week, I gave a 30 minute talk on “Doing More with SQL” at MAC URISA 2014. The slides from the talk are available below:

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Insignificant Spaces

Yesterday, I mentioned that I discovered ArcGIS’s inconsistent handling of spaces within text fields. Today, I tested to see how ArcGIS handles NULLs, Empty Strings and Spaces within its native file formats.

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Mitch Hedberg and GIS

So, a recent post on Reddit highlighted a Mitch Hedberg joke. “La Quinta” is Spanish for “next to Denny’s.” Thinking about this, I realized we could use GIS to find the number of La Quintas that are next to Denny’s. … Continue reading

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Bizarre GeoServer WMS rendering possibly due to ArcGIS handling of PostGIS data

I just submitted a problem to the OpenGeo support forum regarding an unusual bug I’ve discovered in GeoServer. Multipart polygon geometries are producing “unintentional art” when rendered through GeoServer. Several GIS data sets that have been brought into PostGIS using … Continue reading

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Beach erosion in Ocean City

While not as hard hit as the towns near Seaside Heights, Ocean City felt the effects of Sandy and is still in the process of cleanup. Back in July, I took a Gigapan photo of the Ocean City beach from … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy live data resources

As Hurricane Sandy is about to make landfall somewhere in NJ or DE, keep safe and dry. Move to a safe location and stay there. Don’t attempt to travel after dusk due to reduced visibility and the intensifying storm. Once … Continue reading

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Pulling data from OSM using XAPI, bringing it to ArcGIS

I was recently asked by a friend if I knew of an ArcGIS-friendly data set representing the highway interchanges within New Jersey. I knew the information was already available in OpenStreetMap, but how could I quickly pull just the highway … Continue reading

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New Jersey Bike Map public meeting

This Thursday, May 10th, I will be attending the final public meeting to discuss the draft New Jersey Statewide Bicycle Map and Resource Guide. I attended the first meeting at Cumberland County College, but will be again providing comments at … Continue reading

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RULost? I hope not.

Fellow Rutgers grad Jim Barry shared with me a link to a press release on the RULost iPhone app. While I was initially excited to see Rutgers come out with an app to aid students in navigating the huge New … Continue reading

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Statewide 1974 aerial imagery available via WMS

OIT has made the 1974 statewide aerial photography available via their WMS service. WMS: Civil Solutions was the contractor that assembled the source imagery and prepared the seamless dataset for OIT. What I find amazing about the data is … Continue reading

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