Portfolio Workshop

Below is the presentation and additional materials for a Portfolio Workshop held at Rowan for our Geography, Environmental Studies, GIS and Planning students.


Raw, unedited recording of the talk.



  • Skills in Planning: Portfolios
  • Letter to a College Senior
    The Portfolio approach enables you to display a mind engaged with the surrounding world while the Resume is an artifact specifically designed for a bureaucrat’s needs.
  • On the benefits of a Philosophy Major
    “Often a person with a business degree has memorized a map of business processes and solutions. But rarely will that map be an accurate depiction of the current state of a business or industry. What we want is a person who knows how to use a compass, not a person with an outdated map.”
  • The Job Interview is No Time to Text
    “Life has gotten more casual,” Swan says. “They don’t realize (the interview) is a sales event.”

Social Networking

 Technical Resources

  • DropBox – Online File Storage
  • WordPress – Blogging/Website Platform
  • Weebly – Blogging/Website Platform
  • PDF Toolkit – Tools for manipulating PDF files
  • CutePDF – (Some) free tools for creating PDFs

If you have any questions for Mr. Reiser, you can email him or contact him via Twitter.

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