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Pi-based LED Sign

I took some time this Thanksgiving break to work with Raspberry Pi and a flexible LED display. I love the Pi, as it is a familiar environment, but with opportunities to work with different hardware. Working with some instructions online, … Continue reading

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Using Tableau to visualize land use change

I was home sick on Wednesday, so while I was on the couch I decided to dive into Tableau Public, a free desktop visualization tool. At IERP, we use Tableau for some of our public dashboards. Other than some minor … Continue reading

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Release of “Changing Landscapes in the Garden State”

The last month has literally been a blur as we’ve worked to get the data for the report together and then into a series of interactive, animated web maps that show the progression of urban change over 21 years. Continue reading

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The Advent of All-knowing Point Maps

Using Google Maps isn’t what’s important. Making sure your map delivers its intended message is essential. Continue reading

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Using Sketchup to visualize $1 trillion

This page has a visualization of the sheer size $1 trillion dollars would occupy using $100 bills. The images are rendered using SketchUp, one of my favorite applications. I came across this link while browsing BoingBoing, and one of their … Continue reading

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