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Using Tableau to visualize land use change

I was home sick on Wednesday, so while I was on the couch I decided to dive into Tableau Public, a free desktop visualization tool. At IERP, we use Tableau for some of our public dashboards. Other than some minor … Continue reading

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Generating row and column IDs for a hexagon grid

Recently when working on a project that uses a hexagon grid, I used the awesome mmqgis plugin to QGIS to produce the grid. The one small shortcoming with the tool is that I would prefer to have a cell identifier … Continue reading

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“Doing more with SQL” talk at MAC URISA

Last week, I gave a 30 minute talk on “Doing More with SQL” at MAC URISA 2014. The slides from the talk are available below:

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Using a TMS in JOSM’s Download Data window

Now that our crowdsourced update to New Jersey’s land use map has had some serious contributions – we’re just shy of 20,000 user-contributed points of new (2007-2012) urbanization – I realized that many of these locations are in need of … Continue reading

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Portfolio Workshop

Yesterday, I held a Portfolio Workshop for our Rowan Geography and Environment students. The audio of my talk along with the slides are available on the workshop web page. While I think the talk and discussion was well-received, the audio … Continue reading

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Bizarre GeoServer WMS rendering possibly due to ArcGIS handling of PostGIS data

I just submitted a problem to the OpenGeo support forum regarding an unusual bug I’ve discovered in GeoServer. Multipart polygon geometries are producing “unintentional art” when rendered through GeoServer. Several GIS data sets that have been brought into PostGIS using … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the ESRI DevSummit

I’m back from the sixth ESRI DevSummit. It was a great event full of informative sessions, socializing and networking. This was one of the first conferences in a while where I did not participate more than simply attending. The DevSummit … Continue reading

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Changing Landscapes: A Million Little Tiles

The New Jersey Land Change Viewer, the online component of the Changing Landscapes research project required the generation of approximately one million map tiles. These tiles needed to be served quickly – the online viewer is meant to make the … Continue reading

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Changing Landscapes: Brainstorming

Back in June, the New Jersey DEP Bureau of GIS released the 2007 Land Use/Land Cover data. The data was released in record time, just slightly over 3 years from the aerial photography date. We felt that we needed to … Continue reading

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Please Rob Me: What’s the big deal?

There’s been a flurry of posts across the web about Please Rob Me, a site that aggregates check-ins on sites like FourSquare, illustrating the fact that we’ve known all along: people are willing to release more information than they realize. … Continue reading

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