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Script: Geotagged Photos to GIS

I think it’s somewhat ridiculous that ArcGIS Explorer has the ability to add geotagged photos to the map, but ArcGIS Desktop doesn’t have a built-in means of recognizing geotagged photos. Continue reading

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Apple iPhoto rounds GPS coordinates to nearest second

I tested the script out on my Woodstown pictures and was conflicted: I was happy the script was doing what I wanted, but I was very disappointed with the results. Continue reading

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Urban design photos

I’ve been organizing my digital photography library and posting some of my better pictures to flickr. The “Urban Design” collection highlights pictures that illustrate important urban design principles. I plan on using these photos for the future planning classes at … Continue reading

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Geotagging a short bike ride

Brought my Blackberry with me on a bike ride around Glassboro and Pitman. I used beGPS One, a Blackberry GPS logging application to record my location every 30 seconds as an NMEA sentence. I then used GPSBabel to covert the … Continue reading

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Southwest Florida

Kate and I are down in Southwest Florida visiting her family. We drove down from New Jersey and used Google Latitude to share our location with her family and my parents. Kate and I also are taking some pictures using … Continue reading

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