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Location-based services may be a hard sell.

How will our location-based services be perceived by the public? Will our smart web maps be seen as black magic? Continue reading

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Equality in Data: Should personal addresses be redacted?

Just because you have a hammer doesn’t mean you’re going to start hitting people with it. Intentionally crippling a web service and reducing accessibility should always be seen as a major step backwards. Continue reading

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Please Rob Me: What’s the big deal?

There’s been a flurry of posts across the web about Please Rob Me, a site that aggregates check-ins on sites like FourSquare, illustrating the fact that we’ve known all along: people are willing to release more information than they realize. … Continue reading

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GIS and the expectation of privacy

GIS is considered by some to be an invasive technology. Even though some of the “invasive” data like lot lines and ownership are in the public domain, the easy access to large data stores of personal information is a cause … Continue reading

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