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Revisiting OpenStreetMap Land Use Data

Back in August of 2009, I converted the latest available Land Use/Land Cover data for New Jersey into .OSM format and uploaded it as “NJDataUploads” to OpenStreetMap. You can read my write up of the initial uploading effort here. While … Continue reading

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Optimize Your Indexes and Selections

I have been working on a project that is driven by a series of functions written in PL/pgsql. The functions look at New Jersey’s land use data over several different time periods and selects out certain areas if they have the … Continue reading

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Using Tableau to visualize land use change

I was home sick on Wednesday, so while I was on the couch I decided to dive into Tableau Public, a free desktop visualization tool. At IERP, we use Tableau for some of our public dashboards. Other than some minor … Continue reading

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Using a TMS in JOSM’s Download Data window

Now that our crowdsourced update to New Jersey’s land use map has had some serious contributions – we’re just shy of 20,000 user-contributed points of new (2007-2012) urbanization – I realized that many of these locations are in need of … Continue reading

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Changing Landscapes: Final Thoughts

I stuck to this schedule because any project without clearly defined goals and time lines are doomed to mediocrity. You can only exceed expectations if you have them in the first place. Continue reading

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Release of “Changing Landscapes in the Garden State”

The last month has literally been a blur as we’ve worked to get the data for the report together and then into a series of interactive, animated web maps that show the progression of urban change over 21 years. Continue reading

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