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ArcGIS: strong enough for Server, pH balanced for Desktop

James Fee pointed out how ArcGIS is undergoing minor rewording as part of the changes coming to the software at version 10.1. One thing to note is that the ArcView license level is now Basic, while the ArcEditor level is … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the ESRI DevSummit

I’m back from the sixth ESRI DevSummit. It was a great event full of informative sessions, socializing and networking. This was one of the first conferences in a while where I did not participate more than simply attending. The DevSummit … Continue reading

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March Madness

Back in January, I had every intention of updating this weekly, but once the semester starts, all bets were off. It’s been a crazy few weeks, juggling several research projects, two classes and compiling everything needed for my recontracting at … Continue reading

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Repetitive tasks are what computers do best.

Python is worlds apart from VB in all the right ways. Continue reading

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ArcGIS available on the iPhone

ESRI has released ArcGIS for iPhone. It’s now available through the App Store. It’s an iPad/iPhone app, so it should work well on both. I just tried it out on my iPhone, and it’s pretty snappy. The data loads quickly … Continue reading

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MapMPG, ESRI’s practical BusinessMap demo

ESRI recently unveiled MapMPG, a demostration site using BusinessMap and ArcGIS Server with a Flex front end. It allows you to choose a point and visualize the range two different car makes could travel on one gallon of gas. It’s … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 9.3 now shipping

ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.3 has now been released and should be arriving soon if you’ve kept your tithing maintenance up to date. Post your hopes and expectations of 9.3 in the comments below.

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