Geotagging a short bike ride

Alcyon Lake

Brought my Blackberry with me on a bike ride around Glassboro and Pitman. I used beGPS One, a Blackberry GPS logging application to record my location every 30 seconds as an NMEA sentence. I then used GPSBabel to covert the file to KML format. You can view the KML of my route here. I also took the geotagged picture of Alcyon Lake at right. Finally, tweets during the trip are also geotagged.

Most of the information we deal with daily (or in this case, generate) has some geospatial component. Why not explicitly recognize the route I took or the places I photographed? Sure, some will feel that geotagging could be abused, but both Twitter and Flickr require you to explicitly allow geotagged information to be shown to other users. Facebook strips out geotagged information from uploaded photos. If there’s no real privacy concerns, you should share your pictures and tweets tagged with geographic coordinates.

[gmap file=””]

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