Back to the New Normal

It’s been a while since I last posted to the ol’ Blog. After I returned from the DevSummit in March, my free time dwindled down to nothing. The end of the spring semester has been a whirlwind of activity; developing an online course, tackling several research projects, presenting at the National Guard’s CFMO University, and the usual end of the semester tasks like grading, projects, etc. Now that the semester is over and I’m a little more free to tackle projects, I hope that I’ll be able to blog some more about GIS in New Jersey. I’m still going to be busy; we have two faculty members to replace and even more students in our GIS courses, but I think summer will be a good time for me to refocus on programming and developing our GeoLab into a more robust research lab.

One interesting project that has popped up recently is NJ’s Broadband Map. You can dig through the data to find which areas of the State are served with broadband Internet. I think the color scheme needs to be rethought, as dark green to light purple is better suited to divergent or bimodal data, not to a linear progression of 1 to 8 broadband providers.

I’ll be at the ESRI DevMeetup tonight in Philadelphia, giving a lightning talk on the Land Change Viewer app I developed. Next week at the NJGF, I’ll give a 5 minute talk on the ArcGIS license monitor application I’m writing. I’ve got a couple other tidbits in the pipeline and hopefully I’ll be able to share them here in the next few weeks.

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