What a year.

I neglected to blog in 2020. I think I can speak for everyone when I say last year was “a wild ride” at best and a “disease and insurrection hellscape” at worst.

Last year, with the shift to remote, I got more involved in gardening at home. I installed a weather station on my shed and struggled in getting a 10+ year old USB weather station working with a Raspberry Pi. I installed a full-size rack in my basement and bought some servers to explore virtualization more. I did a lot of walking and ended up getting a touring bicycle.

This year, I’m planning on doing some longer bike rides, recorded with a bike computer I’ll be building. I’m working on some more side projects, and will likely blog about some of my work projects; both the successes and failures.

If by any measure you’re reading this and not following me on Twitter (mostly angry snark) or Instagram (mostly aesthetics) you can do so there for more frequent updates. In any case, this blog is not dead, just overdue for an update.

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