What I’m Reading – July 2018

Here are a few articles I’ve read over the last month that you might find interesting.

“I keep it because I have not heard a voice I like better,” he once said, “and because I have identified with it.” He could change to a smoother voice, but then he wouldn’t sound like himself.

The Quest to Save Stephen Hawking’s Voice
Recreating Hawking’s hardware voice in software.

… of a production run of 10,000 transistors for example maybe 2-3 percent were “defective” and he purchased these rejected parts which became the source of the “sizzling” sound in the TR-808.

The mysterious heart of the Roland TR-808 drum machine
Recreating “defective” transistors to preserve an iconic sound.

When reading the copy, the line where the two little pieces of paper met looked like a stroke and was added to the character by mistake.

A Spectre is Haunting Unicode
IRL bug makes its way into a digital specification, living on indefinitely.

While Gargac did have a small sign on his car that theoretically provided “consent” to “recording,” many passengers did not notice it, and it did not indicate at all that people were being livestreamed. He openly advertised his livestreaming on Twitter.

Uber, Lyft driver booted after newspaper reveals he was livestreaming passengers
There’s a big difference between what’s legal and what’s ethical.


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