Google Latitude now with badge, basic API

Google Latitude has been updated to incorporate new features that make it easier to share your location data. A website badge has been created that shows your most recent position on a web page. You can see an example of the badge showing my current location on this blog’s home page, as well as on the home page of NJ State Atlas. Google has also introduced a basic API allowing you to retrieve your location information as KML or GeoJSON.

Considering someone will likely (ab)use these new features soon, I’m starting a countdown. I’m guessing a week from now we’ll hear about how someone tracked someone unknowingly using a Latitude-enabled mobile device and the API. Personally, I’m hoping the API gets put to good use and is integrated into some groundbreaking projects.

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  1. How about using Latitude to secure an alibi? Real or fake? You think it’s gonna fly in court?

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