New Jersey State Atlas Updated: Topo Maps

I just recently updated NJ State Atlas with a USGS Topo Map mashup. It’s a pretty simple, straightforward application. I’m pretty pleased with it, as it’s part of a larger upgrade on the site: now, the State Plan Map, Land Use Change Map, and the Topo Mashup are all served up using TileCache. The maps should now load much more quickly, as it’s no longer rendering the map from the GIS data every time.

The Traffic Map now has “live” incidents from NJ DOT, as well as the 100+ traffic cameras throughout the State. I also migrated all of the map pages to the new look.

Check back often, as I am always making updates. Also, let me know if you think I should create a map, or make some improvements to one of the existing maps. I’m always open to suggestions.

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  1. Jude Mwenda says:

    Do you mind passing me tutorials on how the camera’s were mapped and video streaming through the info window from njcommuter.. I am an undergrad doing something similar for Nairobi.


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