NJ Transit is a housing complex?

I’ve been mining Google’s “My Maps” data for some base datasets. Some users have plotted some useful data; one created sets of all the rest stops and toll plazas on the State’s limited access highways. In looking for NJ Transit data, I was surprised to find that a search in Google for “NJ Transit” returns a residential neighborhood in Mercer County. It’s not even a TOD!

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2 Responses to NJ Transit is a housing complex?

  1. Such examples abound. What is interesting to me is that because of Google’s hip image, slick interface, and perhaps other factors, users are willing to forgive such transgressions, more so than in competing, not-so-cool products. There’s gotta be a lesson to be learned here.

  2. In other news: Duke University behavioral economist Dan Ariely won an Ig Nobel for his study that found more expensive fake medicines work better than cheaper fake medicines. In other words, perception IS reality.


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