About this Site

This site was developed in the hopes that the membership body of the New Jersey Geospatial Forum will come together and share ideas in a open and constructive manner. Currently, this site is composed of two key elements: a weblog and a forum.

Weblog authors will be selected from within the NJGF and given relatively little restriction on what may be posted. Posts to the weblog should deal with topics and issues facing the members of the NJGF. The weblog will also be vendor-neutral. Anyone interested in blogging about GIS should express interest in the comments or by emailing me.

The forum is where the more causal NJGF members may post opinions or ask questions of the general membership body. Forum posts will be moderated and inciteful or inflammatory comments will be removed. Self-promotion will be allowed within the forum. It is also strongly encouraged, but not a requirement, that the membership use real names or a well-known pseudonym when posting.

I am hosting this site and open to suggestion. I will be working on this site in my spare time, so offers to moderate and/or write blog entries are encouraged.

I hope that this site will become a place for casual GIS users to learn from the veteran users that write articles, opinions and comments in both the blog and the forum.

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