About this Site

njgeo.org is John Reiser’s personal weblog. The opinions expressed here are his alone, unless specified otherwise. He also expresses opinions through Twitter.

About John

John Reiser specializes in geospatial data and analysis. John believes deeply in a free exchange of ideas and is an advocate for open source software. He has presented and conducted workshops related to GIS and web development at several conferences in the region. In keeping with his desire for an open exchange of ideas, John’s presentation and workshop materials are made available for free on this site. John has also written several scripts adding functionality to GIS software and has released code under the GPL. John also maintains several web applications that are visited by thousands of people daily.

John lives in southern New Jersey. He is the Software Engineering Manager for Digital Masterplanning. He was previously the Director of Information Services at Rowan University, responsible for the student information system as well as in-house application development. He is also available for speaking engagements, project consulting, or geospatial advice.

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